I did quite a bit of research before choosing Mouthpiece Music, and I know it was the right decision. My record “Touch & Go” has only been out for a month, and already I’ve received countless incredible reviews. I’m always kept in the loop, I never feel like just “another client,” if I have questions they are answered immediately, and the level professionalism and personal attention has already far exceeded my expectations. I cannot recommend Mouthpiece Music highly enough!

Susan Tobocman, Vocalist

“Thank you so much for your work on ‘Fast Heart.’ Really has been a pleasure, and I am so thankful for what we’ve accomplished.”

Deb Bowman, Vocalist

“I am SO pleased and grateful for all you’ve done with this project. You go above and beyond. I believe this album came out September 2017–and reviews are still coming in! You have my recommendation wherever I go.”

John Daversa, Three-time Grammy Winner for American Dreamers

“Mouthpiece Music is not your usual PR/Marketing firms.  Most overpromise and underdeliver with a lot of excuses explaining why.  Holly and her team are the exact opposite. To be fair, they do make promises.  But then they work amazingly hard to not only realize these goals; they go one step further to exceed them.  And, equally important, they always kept me in the loop.  I love that I never had to chase down updates or information.  In a world where competence is often mistaken for excellence, I can wholeheartedly recommend them for your next project.”

Steve Corn, Owner, BFM Jazz Label

“If you are looking for a publicist with a track record of success, look no further than Holly Cooper and Mouthpiece Music. Holly and team are super pros. I am extremely happy with the results of our campaign and will not hesitate to recommend or use them again. ”

Kellye Gray, Jazz Vocalist

“I highly recommend Mouthpiece Music!

They deliver quality PR coverage with efficiency, warmth, and personal attention. I was extremely satisfied with their services and would definitely use them again, and recommend them to others!”

Josh Nelson, Pianist, Composer, Arranger

“From our very first conversation, I knew Holly and the team at Mouthpiece Music were going to be outstanding partners in my album release campaign. She took the time to really listen – both to me and to my music – before designing a very effective and wide-reaching PR campaign that produced excellent results. Holly has the industry and media connections, as well as the extensive experience and savvy, to create maximum impact around an album release. A great pleasure to collaborate with from start to finish; I couldn’t have done it without her!”

Andrea Claburn, Jazz Vocalist, Composer, Arranger
“It can be daunting to put your music out into the world and try to get noticed by the media and the gate-keepers standing between you and your potential audience. Fortunately for me, I found Holly Cooper and Mouthpiece Music, and engaging them was the smartest decision I’ve made in a long time. Thanks to their deep understanding of the jazz community, their tireless work-ethic and their consummate professionalism; my record garnered 20 positive reviews in print and online. Holly also managed to help get me featured on NPR in a 7 minute segment about me and my new record. Pretty awesome!

The best part of all was the positive attitude and the fun working relationship that Holly is famous for. I am so happy with the whole experience that I might just start a new project right away, so that we can do it all again. Holly rocks.”

Ron Boustead, Singer & Lyricist
“Holly Cooper and the team at Mouthpiece Music have totally exceeded my expectations in getting my album reviewed and heard across the US/UK/South Africa and Europe including having articles published in various magazines. I am forever grateful for everything Mouthpiece Music has done for my career. I will always use Mouthpiece Music and their services with every project I do in the future. I am also more than happy to endorse and refer Mouthpiece Muisc to musicians across the globe and I am excited to have referred Mouthpiece Music to a few musicians, to find that they are now also a part of the Mouthpiece Music family.”
Darren English, Trumpet player
“I am extremely happy and satisfied with the work Mouthpiece Music did with my big band album Back Home. Holly and Alan showed great care and passion for my music from the very first phone call to the end of the campaign, which gave me the confidence to feel that the right people were publicizing Back Home.
Holly got amazing results and the album received a lot of great reviews from renowned magazines and reviewers, including All About Jazz and Downbeat, among many others.

I highly recommend Mouthpiece Music and Holly Cooper. I know exactly who to hire as a publicist for my next album.

Thanks to everyone at Mouthpiece.”

Socrates Garcia, Composer, Arranger, Guitarist
“I couldn’t be happier to have worked with Holly Cooper and Mouthpiece Music to promote my debut album! From our beginning conversations, to the actual campaign, to discussing what’s next for my career, Holly has shown me nothing but genuine support and respect. She worked diligently throughout the entire process to help my album receive positive and far-reaching recognition. The results were beyond what I had hoped for and I highly recommend Mouthpiece Music for any artist!.”
Alyssa Allgood, Jazz Vocalist / Lyricist
“Holly Cooper is a publicist that goes above and beyond the call of duty!! She’s a musician’s musician that serves from the heart… the team that is Mouthpiece Music knows all and does all! They truly care about their clients and will go to great lengths to satisfy their artists. Our relationship is one of mutual respect and admiration … a luxury in the music business.”
Kim Nazarian, Jazz Vocalist / Lyricist
“Holly really knows the business, and I can honestly say that she’s the best publicist I’ve ever had. She’s very smart and a lot of fun to work with, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. She’s gotten me my first ever review in Downbeat (Four Stars), along with Jazz Times, Jazziz, and a 5-star review in All About Jazz. She also managed to get wonderful quotes from well-known writers Rex Reed and James Gavin, as well as many other reviews and even some live interviews. If you’re working on a new jazz CD, I couldn’t recommend her more!”
Mark Winkler, Jazz Vocalist / Lyricist
“Holly tells the you truth. When she likes something, you know it. And then she gets down to work, and makes sure it gets reviewed and heard by everyone. She is fun to work with, and smart and savvy about how to navigate the publicity machine. She went beyond what I expected. A pleasure from start to finish!”
Lauren White, Jazz Vocalist / Lyricist
“The business of music can be very impersonal. Holly Cooper brings warmth, compassion, know-how, humor and the essential tenaciousness that an artist needs to help navigate the murky musical publicity waters. Thank You for a wonderful campaign.”
Madeline Eastman, Jazz Vocalist
“Let’s get straight to the point: Holly Cooper and Mouthpiece Music get results. They put the music out there where people are going to hear it, write about it, and talk about it. And buy it.

When I released my previous CD, I did not hire her (did not know who she was back then), and what happened was a whole lot of nothing. So the CD basically went straight to oblivion. When the new CD (“Down the Line”) came out, I wised up and hired her, and the explosion of publicity has been amazing.

The CD already has numerous reviews, including highly visible outlets such as DownBeat. Holly and colleagues obviously know a lot of people and have a lot of pull. You are not going to go wrong putting Holly Cooper and Mouthpiece Music on the payroll to get your music to stand out amongst the zillion jazz records released every year. What’s more, she’s very quick to get things done and is a delight to work with. I won’t hesitate to have her promote my next CD, that’s for sure!”

Bruce Torff, Composer
“Holly Cooper has been a diligent promoter who has worked tirelessly to get my CD “Born to be Blue” listened to and reviewed by numerous publications with excellent results.

She was “on it” from the very start of the campaign, and her knowledge and background made me feel that she understood my music and what I was trying to convey; it felt like she really cared about the success of the CD, and that I was not just another number. Her warm, down-to-earth, personal approach made it a real pleasure.”

Steve Heckman, Multi-Woodwind Instrumentalist
“I am more then pleased that I chose Holly Cooper to work on Lost in the Stars. From beginning to the end of the campaign, I knew my project was in the hands of someone who really knew jazz, understood what we were trying to do with this CD. Holly followed up on everything she said she would do, and the results were wonderful! Let’s put it this way. I am working again with Holly on my second CD for Summit Records.

She is creative, honest and a pleasure to work with. I could not be happier.”

Deborah Shulman, Jazz Vocalist
“If you have any money to promote your album, I can’t think of a better way to spend it than to hire Mouthpiece Music. Holly knows the business and many people in it. She’s hard working and most importantly honest. She did the best for me that anyone could. It’s a pleasure to highly recommend her to any and everyone!”
Michael Dees, Jazz Vocalist / Songwriter
“I am very grateful to Mouthpiece Music – and especially to Holly Cooper for her insightful and spirited campaign for my chamber band recording of “Simple Gifts” – an unusual and eclectic project – which did not faze Holly in the least! She promoted the album with know-how and gusto, resulting in many enthusiastic reviews by fine – and smart! – writers, including 3 1/2 STARS in DownBeat and 5 STARS from All About Jazz. = I would not hesitate to employ Mouthpiece Music again!’
Susan Krebs, Jazz Vocalist
“What has impressed us the most about Holly is how she genuinely cares about her clients and promotes them energetically. In our case, within a very short time after the CD was released, she was able to attain a sizeable number of media outlets to pay attention to the recording and compose prompt reviews. She put us on the map – and in a very positive way. We would recommend her to anyone looking for promotional assistance. We will certainly employ her again for future recordings!”
Rebecca DuMaine, Jazz Vocalist
“Holly pushed my debut CD and got absolutely amazing results. She made something I was dreading into an extraordinary experience. I’m lucky and happy to have had Holly be the one to introduce me to the music scene.”
Jeffrey Gimble, Jazz Vocalist
“Holly Cooper really knows her business. She and the staff at Mouthpiece Music are a musician’s best friend when launching a CD. Holly is diligent, accessible, articulate and passionate about what she does and best of all, she delivers results. Many thanks for all of your help. I recommend her services to both vocalists and instrumentalists.”
Mary Foster Conklin, Jazz Vocalist
“Holly Cooper supported my release with vigor, savvy and conviction. Her ability to connect with the media and get results made all the difference for me! 5 stars!”
Julie Kelly, Jazz Vocalist
“I’m very pleased with Holly Cooper and Mouthpiece Music. She did an excellent job of promoting my CD “Strawberry Fields Forever, Songs by the Beatles” and got me some great reviews. She’s organized, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and a delight to work with. I’d hire her in a heartbeat for my next project and highly recommend her!”
Daria, Jazz Vocalist