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Beverley Church Hogan
Can’t Get Out of This Mood

“Church Hogan’s voice is youthful, vibrant, vivacious and exceptionally expressive. She proves that it’s never too late.” – Paul Freeman, Pop Culture Classics

Cathy Segal-Garcia

“Colorful musings from guitar and piano take vocalist Cathy Segal Garcia’s ethereal scatting into highly charged emotional territory.” –  Kerilie McDowall, DownBeat Magazine

Deborah Shulman
The Shakespeare Project

“Although the lingo served here is near a half-millennium old, Shulman and her team make this rendering as delicious as fresh-baked Elizabethan pie. Go ahead and pull out a plum.” – Nicholas Mondello, All About Jazz

Patrice Jégou
If It Ain’t Love

“Jégou possesses a sumptuous instrument and impressive stylistic breadth… a commanding pop-jazz singer who shines in just about every context.”
– Andrew Gilbert, JazzTimes

Mark Winkler & Cheryl Bentyne
Eastern Standard Time

“One of the classier discs you will hear this year… outstanding. Both singers have distinctive voices; Bentyne the cooler, jazzier, Winkler the hotter, more soulful, yet together all of those qualities merge into one.” – Lance Liddle, Bebop Spoken Here

Brubeck Brothers Quartet

“Once again the Brubeck Brothers Quartet attains that rarefied level where music is both relaxed and expressive, and their joy in its creation is contagious. There’s really nothing out there that comes close to their unique brand of inventiveness.” – All About Jazz

Justin Morell
Concerto for Guitar

“This is a work of uncommon passion and depth, which will give jazz and classical aficionados many details to dissect even as the more casual listener gets swept along its uniquely emotional byways.” – Jonathan Widran, The JW Vibe

John Proulx
Say It

“Proulx is honest to the core—check out his album-closing take on Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” for further proof. Ultimately, it’s that genuine quality that sets this music apart.” – Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

John Fedchock

“With a golden tone and powerful delivery, [Fedchock] leads the quartet through standards and originals, delivering a timeless brand of hard-bop that’s free of cliché.”
– Downbeat

Dave Tull
Texting While Driving

“Drummer, singer-songwriter Dave Tull with a music lesson – no extra charge – and some terrific songs. His new album is called “Texting And Driving.” Instead of texting, if you listen to it while you drive, you will laugh out loud, I promise.” – Susan Stamberg, NPR Weekend Edition

Kate Reid
The Heart Already Knows

“Reid’s third album is a must-hear…a smoky alto voice that achieves a rare intimacy with the listener.” – Allen Morrison, DownBeat

Marty Elkins
Fat Daddy

“A delightful swing singer… She puts plenty of quiet feeling into the 14 vintage standards… Fat Daddy is Marty Elkins’ definitive recording so far and is highly recommended to fans of first-class swing singers.” – Scott Yanow, Syncopated Times

Shirley Crabbe

“Shirley Crabbe reminds lovers of the Great American Songbook that performance and emotive projection can imbue the most ubiquitous of jazz tunes with fresh excitement… Every cut’s bright, clean and expressive in style.” –Kira Grunenberg, DownBeat Magazine

Cathy Segal-Garcia
The Jazz Chamber

“The Jazz Chamber is a work of collaborative splendor between musicians, arrangers, and the voice of Cathy Segal-Garcia and her guests. Cathy gets to put a check mark by this item on her wish-list—a recording with chamber orchestra—and we are the beneficiaries.”
-Travis Rogers, Jr., The Jazz Owl

Lauren Henderson

“Henderson’s voice, the musicians she’s recruited to bring the music to life, the mix of languages all work together to create an album that is more than just jazz, but multicultural and sophisticated.”
– LemonWire

Ada Bird Wolfe

“A joyous compilation of songs… Her authentic voice, at turns mellifluous, and at turns full of emotion is a key element in the soundscape.”
– Dodie Miller-Gould, Lemonwire

Michika Fukimori
Piano Images

“Looking for something new in the world of fusion, the Odd Dogs carry some elements familiar to the long time fusion fan, but ‘beneath the surface’, they are working with subtle and creative new ideas, especially in the realms of rhythm and arrangement.”
– John Sanders, Jazz Music Archives

Tom Culver
Duke’s Place

“Tom Culver has added a fascinating and important interpretation to the Duke Ellington legacy of work. He has the right artists and arrangers with him to breathe fresh life into the immortal works. And with his unique intonation and dedicated adherence to the master, Culver has scored a hit.”
– Travis Rogers, The Jazz Owl

Jocelyn Michelle
Live at Viva Cantina

“Fun, frolicsome, musically and harmonically inventive and jamming.. Not since I was blown away by German organist Barbara Dennerlein in the early 90s have I been this whipped up into a frenzy by a female master of this classic instrument.”
-Jonathan Widran, JW Vibe

Jamie Shew
Eyes Wide Open

“Literally a labour of love, Jamie Shew uses song to tell the story of her 20 year relationship with her husband, bass player Roger Shew… She traces their lives together in music, with good taste and a lack of sentimentality, and even manages to look to the future.”
-Ann Alex, Bebop Spoken Here

The Odd Dogs
Beneath the Surface

“Looking for something new in the world of fusion, the Odd Dogs carry some elements familiar to the long time fusion fan, but ‘beneath the surface’, they are working with subtle and creative new ideas, especially in the realms of rhythm and arrangement.”
John Sanders, Jazz Music Archives

Joanne Tatham
The Rings of Saturn

“Her rhythmic sense as sharp as that of any jazz soloist. “If You Never Come to Me” could almost have been tailor-made for her, so good is her phrasing and rhythm, at one point scatting along with Marcel Camargo’s guitar and Haymer’s piano.” – Lynn Rene Bayley, The Art Music Lounge

Christine Hitt
Magical Kite

“She wraps her expressive, sultry vocals around words and music of Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, and Dan Fogelberg, making each come alive anew with jazzy clarity… Is there nothing this Wisconsin beauty can’t tackle?” – Mike Greenblatt, Goldmine Magazine

South Florida Jazz Orchestra
The Music of Gary Lindsay

“The album repays repeated listening with fresh discoveries every time. The charts are distinctive and varied… Sound quality is exceptional.” – Bob Weir, The Jazz Journal

Alain Mallet
The Heart Already Knows

“While the musicianship on the record is first-rate…the emphasis is always on the melodic foundation of the songs. Mallet’s all-encompassing musical philosophy is a compelling one, and he’s assembled a fine set of musicians to help him realize it.”
-Troy Dostert, All About Jazz

Johnaye Kendrick

“True to the name of her new album, Kendrick is flying.” – Robert Ham, DownBeat (feature)

Laura Dickinson
Auld Lang Syne

“Auld Lang Syne finds the veteran Los Angeles studio singer leading a big band and applying her power to seasonal songs. The fullness and accuracy of her high range is impressive throughout the album, nowhere more than in the beloved Robert Burns title song.” – Doug Ramsey, Rifftides

Gary Brumburgh

“On Moonlight, Brumburgh delivers a collection that covers a lot of ground, and does so with a smooth and appealing baritone.”
-Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz

Akira Tana

“I don’t know if there is a definition of perfection in bossa nova, or JAZZaNOVA, drumming, but Tana may have established one with his work here.” – Rifftides by Doug Ramsey

Sinne Eeg

“The Danish jazz singer, an established star in Europe, checks all the boxes; burnished tone, perfect intonation, swing, unerring taste and an adventurous streak. She is a complete musician who, remarkably, also has a gift for interpreting lyrics in a natural, conversational way.” – Downbeat 4-1/2 Stars

John Daversa
Wobbly Dance Flower

“Emphatically leaves the listener wanting more…” Downbeat 4-Stars

Mica Bethea
Suite Theory

“Mica Bethea has joined the ranks of the jazz world’s finest contemporary big band composers.”
~ Ken Franckling’s Jazz Notes

Cheryl Bentyne
ReArrangements of Shadows

“Cheryl Bentyne powers her warm, pliant soprano on tunes that maximize her interpretative acumen while allowing glimpses of personal revelations to pierce through…”
~ Downbeat Magazine

Josh Nelson
The Sky Remains

“For Nelson’s “The Sky Remains,” he invokes a handful of Southern California ghosts for an homage to the complicated past and promising future of his hometown with the help of some of L.A.’s best young jazz musicians.”
~ Los Angeles Times

As Is – Alan & Stacey Shulman
Here’s to Life

“Here’s To Life serves as an excellent introduction to the music of Stacey and Alan Schulman.”
~ Scott Yanow, Jazz Artistry Now

Sunny Wilkinson
Into the Light

“Two things are immediately clear about this vocalist: 1) she phrases as a trumpet (mainly) and 2) she tells stories… Into the Light is a cut above.”
~ Cadence Magazine

Andrew Distel
It Only Takes Time

“An invigorating blend of tradition and improvisation, coming together to reveal an exemplary ensemble. Ease, versatility and sophistication permeate the collection.”
~ Downbeat Magazine

In This Together

“The singers render the arrangements with considerable skill and commitment… The listener bathes in the overtones created by the group’s ingenious use of harmony.”
~ Arts Fuse

Jackie Allen
Rose Fingered Dawn

“…polished virtuosity… a shimmering paradigm of stylish and sophisticated jazz singing.”
~ John McDonough, DOWNBEAT

Lisa B (Bernstein)
I Get A Kick

“An extraordinary album that takes songs from the American songbook and adds bold poetry, an unexpected taste of rap, richly emotional singing, and exotic moods… a new standard for the 21st century.”
~ Hiroshi Ogawa, Jazz Life Japan

Kellye Gray

“Few singers today sing with such visceral power and excitement. Few singers make the heart beat faster in a single phrase. Few singers stop your breath.”
~ Raul DaGama, Jazz DaGama

Tina Raymond
Left Right Left

“Raymond displays ferocious chops and a remarkable sense of balance, supporting the overall group sound as much as she asserts her individual voice. In fact, her equipoise as a drummer is perhaps the most salient aspect of this disc, proving time and again that when it comes to left and right, it’s coordination – not separation – that produces the most satisfying results.”
~ Editor’s Pick, Downbeat Magazine

Manny Echazabal
Short Notice

“From its melodic, passionate opener “Time Out” through the moody, inward looking “Unknown Identity,” young Miami saxophonist/composer Manny Echazabal exhibits huge promise on this rolling, thrill seeking debut.”
~ Mike Jurkovic, All About Jazz

The Cheap Ensemble

“a remarkable debut!”
~ John Sanders, Jazz Music Archives

Mari Nobre
Live and Alive

“Mari shines here in a spectacular nine-song concert… a stand-out musical delight.”
~ In Tune International

Cathy Segal Garcia

“…wonderfully fascinating … an outstanding effort … her interpretations are remarkably original . Sculptured songs by a vocal artist.”
~ Cadence Magazine

Mark Winkler
The Company I Keep

“Winkler is one of the few hip, male singers that has both the chops and the intellectual affinity for writing clever lyrics of the type we associate with the Great American Songbook… exquisite taste and a beguiling voice that deserves widespread attention.” ~ Huffington Post

Hyeseon Hong

“A superlative debut album… As one whose path lies mostly on the horizon, Hyeseon Hong has served notice that hers is a voice to be hearkened to.”
~ All About Jazz

Laura Campisi
Double Mirror

“Campisi is something else… on her debut album she attempts something fairly daring: singing against a stark background of electric bass and drums. Fortunately, Campisi pulls it off, thanks to her sweet-toned, sturdy voice, precise pitch, lilting delivery and first-rate support from two duos.”
~ Downbeat

Calabria Foti
In The Still Of the Night

“Combining this liquid voice with wonderful back-up makes for an unforgettable Jazz vocal CD. I love this music but Foti gives added attention to the lyrics. You will find no finer, wish it were longer.”
~ Cadence Magazine

Mica Bethea
Stage ‘N Studio

“Mica Bethea is a rising star in the world of big band compositions”
~ London Jazz News

Jocelyn Medina
Common Ground

“Jazz mixed with raga and it’s absolutely delightful!”
~ Aquarian Weekly

Ron Boustead
Unlikely Valentine

“Ron’s vocal sound brings depth and strength to this album and throughout he offers profound interpretations of the lyrics.
Undoubtedly, this release places him in the front rank of male jazz singers around today.”
~ Bruce Crowther, Jazz Mostly

Sidney Jacobs
First Man

“The gospel, folk and soul strains that emanate from this man’s oh-so-warm and expressive voice and arrangements … are just too damn good to ignore.”
~ Mike Greenblatt, Aquarian Weekly

Beata Pater
Fire Dance

“Excitingly new… Beata Pater does not utter a word throughout the 11 songs on Fire Dance, opting instead to sing wordless vocals. It’s a bold, daring choice—and it pays off.”
~4 Stars, Bob Protzman, Downbeat

Virginia Schenck
Aminata Moseka

“…a spectacular performance.”
~Raul DaGama, Jazz DaGama

Alyssa Allgood
Out of the Blue

“Alyssa Allgood has done the iconic Blue Note label proud in a most unexpected way… There’s much to savor here from Allgood…It’s all good. Great in fact.”
~Ken Franckling, Jazz Notes

Andrea Claburn

“She applies her sublimely soulful phrasing and rich jazz vocabulary to a set infused with lively swing, hushed intimacy and all the dynamic emotional signposts in between.”
~ Jonathan Widran, Music Connection Magazine

Marcello Pellitteri
Aquarius Woman

“Pellitteri’s feel for feeling is beyond heartfelt… Pellitteri proves himself a capable bandleader, attending equally to melodic and rhythmic contours of the music… the Italian drummer’s most eclectic yet cohesive record to date.”
~ Tyran Grillo, Downbeat

Rebecca DuMaine
Happy Madness

“DuMaine’s voice is an uplifting instrument in total service to each song… She can samba …or go for the slap-happy novelty… That, right there, made me love her.”
~ Mike Greenblatt, The Classical Arts

Carol Bach-y-Rita
Minha Casa / My House

“Striking originality… This release from Carol
Bach-y-Rita ought to bring well-deserved recognition to the versatile California vocalist.”
~Russ Musto, Downbeat

Music Soup
Cut to the Chase

“…emphasis throughout is on the trio, which could pass at times for Joey DeFrancesco’s group….Fans of organ combos will find much to enjoy in this pleasing effort.”
~Scott Yanow, Downbeat

Michael Gamble &
The Rhythm Serenaders

“Highly entertaining… Everyone with a liking for the swinging music that captivated audiences way back when – and especially those who like to dance – will enjoy this album.”
~Bruce Crowther, Jazz Mostly

Steve Heckman
Legacy: A Coltrane Tribute

“The Steve Heckman quartet not only keep Coltrane’s music alive, they brighten the notes, sharpen the edges, and augment the melodic for a righteous tribute album.”
~Carol Banks Weber, AXS

Natalie Cressman & Mike Bono
On Etchings in Amber

“On Etchings in Amber, crystalline vocals soar over dense acoustic guitar like a cool fall day holding onto the last rays of the setting sun.”
~Ken Micallef, Downbeat (Players Profile)

Anthony Nelson
Swift to Hear, Slow to Speak

“Listeners needn’t follow specific religious doctrines to get caught up in the spirit of Swift to Hear, Slow to Speak… powerful…”
~Jonathan Widran, Jazziz

Lou Caimano & Eric Olsen
Dyad Plays Jazz Arias

“This stately and absolutely robust collection of seven classical arias vibrates with an impeccable sense of immediacy and grace… Caimano and Olsen are the daring bright lights here. Deservedly so.”
~Mike Jurkovic, Elmore Magazine

Matthew Kaminski
Live at Churchill Grounds

“Some of the most swinging, funkiest organ playing since the heyday of Smith, McDuff and McGriff. Kaminski hits home runs on every track of this most enjoyable CD.”
~Lance Liddle, Bebop Spoken Here

Jeff Collins
The Keys to Christmas

“A wonderful addition to your holiday music stack. Turning old faves into new faves, this is smart work that mixes chops, inspiration and craft into a heady brew with dazzling results.”
~Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Louis Heriveaux
Triadic Episode

“As debut records go, this one is an absolute stunner… its joys are many, its commitment total. Louis Heriveaux’s jazz baptism is complete.”
~ Downbeat

Michika Fukumori
Quality Time

“Excellent jazz piano playing that is warmly rhythmic and wholly engaging.”
~Jazz Mostly

Jocelyn Michelle
Time to Play

“An impressive entrance into the exclusive group of female Hammond B-3 organ players. She and seven musicians and two vocalists deliver a polished, engaging album.” `

Masumi Ormandy
Sunshine in Manhattan

“sweet. Unassuming. Coquettish even. She comes to these songs, songs so ingrained in American cultural DNA, as an outsider. Thus, she brings a new perspective.”
~The Classical Arts

Joe Policastro


“Policastro is a melody-minded bassist who prioritizes group cohesion over individual displays of virtuosity…solid, unadorned craftsmanship.”
~ Brian Zimmerman, Downbeat

Kat Parra
Songbook of the Americas


“Vocalist Kat Parra is arguably the ideal ambassador to map a musical tour of the Americas… her transcontinental journey is impressively expansive.”
~ Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes

Strawberry Fields


“Daria successfully reinvents 10 Lennon-McCartney standards for the jazz idiom.”
~ J. Poet, Downbeat

Jason McGuire
Terceta Kali

Home_Terceto Kali

“…a supercharged approach to the flamenco tradition, McGuire’s virtuosic guitar matched by his bandmates.”
~ Mark Sullivan, All About Jazz

Darren English
Imagine Nation


“English’s playing is grand, his vision impressive, his range limitless.”
~ Ken Micallef, Downbeat

Socrates Garcia
Back Home


“Not only is Back Home a near-perfect blend of Dominican and American music, it stands tall on its own as a superlative example of big-band jazz at its best.”
~ Jack Bowers, All About Jazz

Lauren White
Out of the Past


“Finding emotional sweet spots…White alternates beautifully between moments of deep, haunting intimacy and lively sass, wit and swing. 9 Stars!”
~ Jonathan Widran, Music Connection Magazine

Mary Foster Conklin


“Conklin’s eclectic and soulful musical photographs showcase her extraordinary depth.”
~ Music Connection Magazine

Bruce Torff
Down The Line


“Pianist/composer Bruce Torff has an unusual talent: the ability to write distinctly modern jazz that makes no compromises in terms of harmonic and melodic complexity, but that is at all times completely accessible.”
~ CD HotList

Doug Richards
It’s All In The Game


“The album is a musical marvel in every regard…. an A+ home run.”
~ Jazz Times

Sinne Eeg & Thomas Fonnesbæk
Eeg Fonnesbæk


“This is an excellent album, displaying as it does jazz singing at its very best. It is recommended to lovers of jazz singing and to the Friends of Good Songs.”
~ Bruce Crowther, JAZZ JOURNAL (UK)

Mark Winkler
Jazz and Other Four Letter Words


“Mark Winkler is a musical marvel and a true original!  At last, in the jazzy tradition of Bobby Troup, Hoagy Carmichael, Matt Dennis and Dave Frishberg, a writer who sings and a singer who swings!”
~ Rex Reed

Julie Kelly
Happy to Be


“Sassy, candid Julie Kelly tells captivating stories that hold us in thrall.”
~ Fred Bouchard, Downbeat

Deborah Shulman
My Heart’s In The Wind


“…Moments of narrative shape and tension are peppered delightfully throughout this disc, and Shulman, a gifted storyteller, brings them to life with a commanding presence.”
~ Downbeat

Jerry Kalaf
Welcome to Earth


“Kalaf’s deeply felt, dark-toned ride cymbal playing and spacious brushwork are the subliminal stars here, his measured pulse steering his music’s ethereal course. Every composition reveals Kalaf’s subtle wit.”

~ Ken Micallef, Downbeat

Scott Whitfield & Ginger Berglund
Solitary Moon

Solitary Moon

“This swinging, singing duo is backed by a big band smartly arranged by trombonist Whitfield…this is exactly how Johnny [Mandel]’s music is best showcased—with the emphasis on vocal harmony that enriches his melodic gifts.”
~ Marc Myers, JazzWax

Cat Conner
Cat House

Cat House

“Cat Conner’s voice is romantic and contemporary, dreamy as well as sexy.”
~ Paula Edelstein, AXS

Madeline Eastman & Randy Porter
A Quiet Thing


“Power in music isn’t measured in terms of decibels or athleticism, but through connective abilities. Music that strikes a chord with a listener, making its mark in their ears and soul, is powerful music that matters; A Quiet Thing does just that.”
~ All About Jazz

Steve Heckman
Born To Be Blue


featuring Howard Alden

“A tight, introspective set that has jazz standards breathing with new life… a masterful piece of work.”
~ Blogcritics

Judy Wexler
What I See


“Though Judy Wexler’s reputation as one of the West Coast’s most compelling vocalists was cemented some time ago, What I See, her fourth release, suggests a heightened maturity, an even greater sense of assured imagination. Much like Abbey Lincoln—and at this point in Wexler’s musical progress, the comparison is quite valid—her skills as an actress are skillfully exercised, adding vivid shadings to her interpretations.”
~ JazzTimes

Rebecca DuMaine &
the Dave Miller Trio
Better Than Anything


“(DuMaine) has that indefinable thing, the ‘it’ so cherished in days way gone past. Together with the Trio she creates renditions of songs that always sparkle and often sizzle.”
~ SoundStage

Deborah Shulman & Larry Zalkind
Lost in the Stars

cd_LostInThe Stars

“Lost in the Stars is a classy little jewel of an album. It takes a couple of listens for the sheer quality and uncluttered lustre of Deborah Shulman’s vocals to take hold, so understated and subtle are they. But once they have you in their thrall, they yield refined treasure.”
~ The Art of the Torch Singer

Deborah Shulman
Get Your Kicks


“Shulman’s Get Your Kicks: The Music & Lyrics of Bobby Troup is a winner. Shulman gets it when it comes to singing Troup. She is hip when called for, poignant if that is the way she should be, sexy and naughty if appropriate, and always embraces humor in those lyrics that only Troup could have written.”
~ Jersey Jazz

Jeffrey Gimble
Beyond Up High


“Vocalist Jeffrey Gimble is a unique new voice on the jazz scene. What makes Beyond Up High, Gimble’s debut effort, such a pleasure to listen to is hearing the joy in his approach to the material.”
~ The Jazz Page

Bill Coté
Where Do You Start


“Bill Coté has recorded his first CD with the same intensity and quality lyrics that Hartman had originally possessed. His new CD Where do you Start is a joy to listen to and feel. His warmth, grace and rich quality breathe new life into a sixteen song set of the best of the best.”
~ The Jazz Zine

Joanne Tatham
Out of My Dreams


“Her voice is elegant and expressive throughout. With fresh-sounding arrangements and impeccable instrumentation, Tatham has a winner with this dreamy new album.”
~ Paul Freeman, Pop Culture Classics

Michael Dees
The Dream I Dreamed


“The new Michael Dees recording revives my faith in the kind of style and artistry that has all but faded from the quality of life we used to know, and rarely leaves my sound system even for bathroom breaks.  What a fresh-air revelation in the polluted ozone!”
~ Rex Reed

Ted Howe


“This is mighty, contemporary big band music for the true aficionado.  A killer set that doesn’t let you down.”
~ Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Mark Miller
Crazy Moon


“Crazy Moon is a polished, stylistic program of Great American Songbook standards interpreted by an impressive ensemble starring vocalist Mark Christian Miller. Together they deliver a stellar set…”
~ Paula Edelstein, AXS

Steve Heckman
Search for Peace


“If you remember Prestige’s soul-jazz sound of the 1960s, you’ll be swept away by this one. All of the ’60s pump-and-drive is here, with take-charge Heckman flying smoothly on uptempo numbers.”
~ Marc Myers, JazzWax

Kim Nazarian
Some Morning


“Nazarian is a swinger from Bar One (“Robbin’s Nest/Boneology”) with a gorgeous, never overpowering set of pipes who can deliver a slick melodic line, a scatted phrase, a prestissimo voice-instrument unison with effortless grace. Her pitch-sense and vocal overdubbing are an immaculate conception.”
~ Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes

Susan Krebs Chamber Band
Simple Gifts


“Like food cooked over a slow Bohemian fire, Simple Gifts is savory and satisfying… Honed in small venues and living rooms, Simple Gifts is an album to ponder vignette by vignette.”
~ Carlo Wolff, Downbeat

Rebecca DuMaine
The Consequence of You


“Vocalist DuMaine and pianist Miller have a long history together, as father and daughter, that has blossomed into a musical pairing that is wonderfully effective… DuMaine, Miller and company have created another superb album.”
~ Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz

Kenny Lavender
Conscious Journey


“As a trumpeter, he’s solid as a rock in every respect; chops, creativity, emotion, and lyricism seem to effortlessly come from his horn like water flowing down a stream.”
~ Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz